About me

I am Larry. About two months ago I was listening to a podcast by Marshall Brain (BrainStuff) where he had said that he lost 50lbs on the Dukan Diet. He said it was fairly easy and the book was just about to be released in the USA. I was intrigued, I bought the audiobook, ‘read’ the first couple chapters, and dove in. I will admit at first I thought the diet sounded just like Atkins with out the fat, but after 4 weeks and 20lbs lost I am starting to see a method to the madness. In the beginning, the diet was really tough I found a blog (also by Marshall Brain) where he talked about some strategies and tricks. It was nice to see some one going through the same challenges.
I LOVE to cook, and I LOVE to eat. I quickly learned that cooking protein without fat is tough to make palatable. When I researched recipes for the diet I found alot of foreign, uncommon, or expensive ingredients. My goal is to share my experience and some decent recipes.


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