My progress so far – cruise phase days 10-32

I woke up this morning and weighed myself I was down another 1.5lbs since yesterday, but that’s not all that uncommon for my first protein day in a few days. So its a grand total 10.2 lbs lost in 22 days. and 19.4 overall.

For the past 22 days of ‘cruise phase’ I have been somewhat sporadic with my schedule of protein days and vegetable days. I know I should probably set a schedule Like a 5:5, or 1:1 but its really hard to go out to eat and just have protein. I find that restaurants typically ration their meat so if you order a meal and ‘hold’ the starches vegies, & and, cheese you end up with 4-6oz of meat, hardly a satisfying meal. So I usually add a salad and call it a veggie day. I typically shoot for a 3:3 schedule and if on day 4 I eat vegies for an extra day, I’ll just do 4 protein days in a row.

I have noticed that I will lose the most weight on a protein day following a veggie days, but after 3 protein days in a row I start to plateau. If I start a veggie again the weight will come off, but slowly. There is definitely an ideal rhythm that I have yet to find, but if you go too many days of protein in a row there isn’t a great benefit.

I have also realized that I have diet shame, I don’t really know why but I am somewhat embarrassed to explain my diet. I feel this the most when I am grocery shopping with my family. I usually hit up the meat section first and load up. I fill 1/3 of the carriage with meat and 3 doz eggs for the week, I have been noticing that our carriage looks so different than anyone else’s. When we check out, the register belt is almost all meat, and so far our grocery bill is about $50 higher per week. We have definitely been watching the grocery store meat sales and stocking up on cheap(er) steaks. I miss a good NY strip steak but can’t do the $10/ lb on a regular basis. The Ziplock Vacuum freezer bags have been a godsend, we can stock up on food that was on sale and not have to worry about meat spoiling . The first couple of weeks I chucked over $40 in spoiled meat.

I used to despise yogurt, there is just something about it that grossed me out. I am starting to come around, its actually good for a sweet fix (I’ll post a recipe).


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