Drinking on the Dukan Diet

I know you are not supposed to drink any alcohol on this diet, but I am a man and I had to test my limits… and then test them again. Before going on this diet I was social drinker, I would have a drink or two 3 or 4 times a week. When I read the book and the doctor said absolutely no drinking, I thought this may be somewhat challenging, but it’ll be a nice change. About 3 days into my attack phase I was visiting my brother-in-law and we were relaxing and smoking cigars, he poured himself a nice glass of whisky and I declined. Is there anything more manly than whisky and cigars? Eventually I became green with envy and decided to have a tiny sip just to taste. Seriously, not even a 1/4 of a watered-down shot.

At this point I was feeling pretty good about myself, 3 days had past and I had already lost 8 lbs and I was able to show decent self restraint in the face top-shelf whisky. Well the next morning I woke and weighed myself, I gained 2.4lbs, boo. I weighed myself 5 or six more times, but the number did not change, I was seriously bummed. For the rest of my attack phase the weight came off slowly in comparison to the first days.

After my diet seemed to be derailed, or rather seriously slowed, I decided to avoid any alcohol like the plague. Not drinking at social events makes me feel awkward. Until now I didn’t realize how many events I attend where people just expect you to have a drink. Sometimes I feel as if declining a drink offends my host, other times I feel as if people are wondering why I wouldn’t have drink. But that could also just be my crazy insecurities popping up again. I even went to a wedding of one of my college buddy’s and had to explain over-and-over that I was not a recovering alcoholic, I just wasn’t drinking because I was dieting.

Last week I received a job offer from the company I had just interviewed with. Great news, my wife wanted to celebrate! “Lets go out to dinner”, “c’mon you can have one drink, this is really good news.” So that afternoon we did some research and I decided to try one Diet Coke and clear Bacardi. The next morning I still lost weight. A few days later we went out again and I had a few Diet and Bacardis, and I got drunk, I had no tolerance, and a hangover to boot. I still didn’t gain weight the next day, but I’ll continue avoiding alcohol.


4 responses to “Drinking on the Dukan Diet

  1. I really feel the no alcohol thing is going to kill me…I’m a 23 year old student living in Ireland!! I’m hoping it’ll be ok once I get into the swing of things…but peer pressure is a terrible thing. I’m starting on Monday so I’m going to have one more night out on Friday before I begin…I have my fingers crossed that I’ll have the self-restraint to resist from then on…

  2. I would advise you to enjoy it while you can. There is no question that it will be tough, for a while I avoided going out with my buddies where it would likely turn into a drinking affair to increase my chances of success. After the first two weeks, or so, it does get easier… until you cheat and have your first drink. If you do slip up, don’t give up, try to moderate your drinking and exercise more. If you drink on a regular basis it will seriously perturb your progress. Once you see the weight come off, hopefully it will reinforce your motivation.
    Thanks for posting a comment and good luck!

  3. Ive drank pretty much through out the diet, except the attack phase. I only drink clear liqour, no beer, and for me i love beer! i lost 7 pounds during attack and still lose about 1 pounds every two days. I think it just depends on your excerisize and drink choices! Good Luck!

  4. No drinking is the toughest part of the Dukan Diet because of the social pressure – and the negative interpretations others attach to someone not imbibing. You are assumed to be either a recovering alcoholic, pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, a member of a highly orthodox religious group – the list goes on. I always just told people I was on a diet and they were very understanding once I did.
    A related problem is that bartenders give you the hairy eyeball for taking up real estate on a bar stool and ordering a Diet Coke. They don’t care if you’re on a diet; they want their tabs and tips. So, my secret is to select a bar that offers raw oysters or shrimp cocktail (which I have without the sauce). That way, when I order rawoysters or shrimp cocktail along with a Perrier or diet Coke, the tab came out similar or even higher than a glass of good wine or cocktail. The bartenders are happy, I’m happy and I lose weight. Cheers!

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