Dannon Greek Yogurt – Products I Like

I recently have acquired my appreciation for yogurt. I have tried a few 0%-fat plain greek yogurts and this one is my favorite so far. Its seems a bit smoother, less sour and less chalky that some of the other brands. I have seen this at all major supermarkets in my area.



One response to “Dannon Greek Yogurt – Products I Like

  1. Congrats on both the weight loss and the site providing tips and encouragment.

    Imo it would be realy beneficial for you to try and buy real greek yoghurt and when i say real i mean from actual Hellenic major dairy brands that export to your country such as FAGE,DELTA,KOLIOS etc.Danone is not a greek firm and their yoghurt is wordls apart from an actual greek yoghurt and more like a yoghurt like dessert. Try in particular FAGE S “total”(it comes with 0% fat also).Greek yoghurt has little to do with a name and a texture.Is more about traditional recipies and nutritional elements.

    Thank you and good luck with your effort!

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