Staying on the Dukan Diet at Work

I started work this week, I admit that I was a bit concerned that staying true to the diet would be tough in the office environment. I was laid-off from my last position about 2 months ago, and staying true was pretty easy when you have all the food you can eat in front of you at home. At work you only have what you packed, if you want to snack you better have planned for it and don’t give in to temptation.

There have been some awkward moments. My first two days on the job I had to explain to my new colleagues why I was eating cold cuts and mustard in the lunchroom. I have declined three offers to get after-work beers, and I’m the guy who eats ‘cinnamon pancakes’ in his cubicle. As it turns out the scent if cinnamon is quite recognizable and potent. All-in-all I have found that planning is everything. I usually pack a yogurt, a prepacked container of cold cuts, mustard, and my gallette for the day. Small frequent meals seem to help as well.

Today was my toughest day yet, I accidently slept in, when I saw the clock I freaked, I was supposed to have left 5 minutes ago. I got dressed as quick as I could, ran to the kitchen and threw my cold cuts, mustard and a yogurt in my cooler and left for the city. No time for coffee, this would be a rough day. I got to work on time and had my yogurt plain with a splenda, yuck. When lunch time rolled around I realized that never put an ice pack in my cooler for lunch, yummy luke warm meat with mustard (I only ate them because they were still in a factory sealed container). I was pretty hungry for most of the day but I managed. I have learned my lesson, pack lunch the night before.


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