My Progress So Far – The end of week 11

When I weighed myself this morning I was down 1.4lbs for the week and 33lbs overall. This was certainly not my biggest weight-loss week, but I am still heading in the right direction. I realized that my cooking habits have drifted from the recommendations in the book, I have been using a little olive oil  and wine in many dishes. I am not sure if these are the reasons that my progress is slowed or if its just because my body is adapting. In the Dukan book the doctor mentioned that after a while the weight-loss will slow down.

My increased exercise regime is definitely making a significant difference in my appearance, even though the scale says my weight-loss is slow my waist is shrinking quickly. My exercise shorts fall off unless I tie them tight and my regular shorts just look goofy.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a difference in my digestive track. I get an upset stomache and have diarrhea on some of my protein days. At first I thought this was just coincidence,  but I am really starting to worry. I will have to do some ‘internet research’ and see if others have had similar experiences. If this continues I may have to consult my doctor.

On a positive note, I got ‘hit on’ for the first time in years. When I told my wife she wasn’t completely thrilled, but it was nice for my self esteem.


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