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My Progress So Far – The end of week 17

For the past week I have been on vacation at the beach. It was a pretty good vacation although having two young children I can’t say it was the most relaxing week ever. Over the past two weeks I lost 3.4 lbs and most of that came off two weeks ago. I was happy that I did not gain weight over vacation, but I did’t stray much from the diet. This brings my total weight-loss to 46.0-lbs. I am within striking distance of my original goal.

It was pretty appropriate to vacation at the beach, for the first time in years I didn’t mind having my shirt off. Staying true to the diet was tough. I usually do all the cooking for our household, so when I vacation I don’t want to cook, therefore we eat out all the time. I am not sure why, but while eating out on vacation I just wanted to treat myself, I wanted pizza so bad. But I resisted.

One of my buddies had a bachelor party this past weekend. I was expecting beer and junk food, but to my surprise it was a clam-bake. All the steamed shellfish you could eat, it was amazing. To top it off, the evening ended with your choice of steak or lobster, I almost cried I was so happy. This was the first ‘party’ that did not tempt me to binge eat junk.


Getting Sick While on the Dukan Diet

Last week a bug came through our house. My family got over it quickly and I don’t even think my wife got sick at all, but it reaped havoc on me. I was sick as a dog for five days. I definitely think that my immune response was vastly weakened due to dieting.

It all started like a typical cold; with a wicked sore throat and a runny nose. After the first day I was sore and weak, I had never been more tempted to abandon my diet. I was dreaming about chicken noodle soup, but I didn’t have the energy to concoct a suitable substitute. I did manage to find some sugar-free cough drops, and tons of tea. Tea was best friend, My throat hurt so much that I basically drank various teas non-stop for 5 days. If you ever are sick in bed and feel completely horrible I recommend a cup or two of valerian root tea & lemon. The stuff stinks but it’ll help.

I decided that I wouldn’t go off my diet to bring me back to health. It was tough to find stomach settling foods that were not starchy. I found carrots and chicken were pretty mellow and diet ginger ale was stomachable. I routinely took my vitamins and slipped lemon wedges into my drinks as much as possible. I know I am going to sound repetitive but tea was the key ingredient, when you ‘force fluids’ you don’t want to load up on artificial sweeteners, you’ll either end up with a headache or stomach ache.

In short it took at least twice as long for me to fight off this cold than anyone else in my family. I hope that I am off this diet before flu season.

My Progress So Far – The end of week 15

The last time I wrote a blog, I had rapidly gained weight after a fun weekend. The weight did not come off as fast as I put it on, it took almost two weeks come off. I was pretty upset with myself and I doubled my exercise for the past 2 weeks.

I am now 10.8 lbs from my first goal, (Thats a total of 42.6 lbs for those keeping track). I am feeling pretty good about my progress, but I am really starting to realize that my first goal will not be enough to make me look thin. I know that I have said that I’ll re-evaluate my progress when I reach my first goal, but I can’t imagine that another 10lbs will make me feel ‘done.’ To be honest I feel that I have been this weight before, and I felt fat then.

I feel like my progress is fragile. Last week I gained 4 pounds on veggie days, I didn’t really cheat either. I may have had a little bacon bits, cheese and salad dressing but 4 lbs over 2 days seems extreme. Next time I do veggies days, I’ll have to be more strict. Anyway the point of this was to say that I see potential for a quick rebound when I go off the diet. I feel that the weight that I reach will be gone unless I give up starches for the rest of my life.

I will probably continue my diet for after I reach 53.4lbs but I need to figure out how much more. I hope that I can reach that goal in the next 3-4 weeks. I also just realized that I will be dieting on my summers family vacation. This will be an adventure. Let me know if you’d like me to post ‘diet-friendly restaurant meals’.


My Progress So Far – The end of week 13

Well I must say that I had quite a roller-coaster of a week. Last week I had a such a fervor for running and dieting, so by the end of the week my hard work had paid off. When I weighed myself on Saturday morning I was down 4.2lbs, which made my progress an even 40! I was thrilled! My four protein days in a row had really sped things up, and my birthday did not blow my diet.

I knew that we had another weekend of traveling and bbq’s so I planned my week so that I could eat veggies on the weekend. I was also going to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen since I started my diet so I was pretty excited to see them and see if they noticed the difference in my appearance. Most did, and my college roommate bought me a bottle of really good rum for my birthday. I thought “what the heck, lets celebrate my progess,” so I had few cocktails (diet pepsi & rum), and I got drunk. But I was on top of the world, so I did not pace myself, and I ended up getting to the place where it’s a good idea to tell people what you really think. I ate a few hotdogs and some hamburgers, and overall I had really good time. We decided to spend the night and make a weekend of it. The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing, I felt a little guilty for drinking so I ate pretty lean on Sunday.

Monday morning was time to get back to reality, I stepped on the scale and boom… I had gained 5.6lbs in 48 hours. I was completely deflated. I knew that I had eaten more fat that I was supposed to, and the drinking was not the best choice but 5.6lbs… that’s close to setting me back 2 weeks. Now I am running everyday and eating well, so I am hoping to return to my place of glory asap.

The final progress is I gained 1.4lbs for a total loss of 34.4lbs, boo