My Progress So Far – The end of week 13

Well I must say that I had quite a roller-coaster of a week. Last week I had a such a fervor for running and dieting, so by the end of the week my hard work had paid off. When I weighed myself on Saturday morning I was down 4.2lbs, which made my progress an even 40! I was thrilled! My four protein days in a row had really sped things up, and my birthday did not blow my diet.

I knew that we had another weekend of traveling and bbq’s so I planned my week so that I could eat veggies on the weekend. I was also going to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen since I started my diet so I was pretty excited to see them and see if they noticed the difference in my appearance. Most did, and my college roommate bought me a bottle of really good rum for my birthday. I thought “what the heck, lets celebrate my progess,” so I had few cocktails (diet pepsi & rum), and I got drunk. But I was on top of the world, so I did not pace myself, and I ended up getting to the place where it’s a good idea to tell people what you really think. I ate a few hotdogs and some hamburgers, and overall I had really good time. We decided to spend the night and make a weekend of it. The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing, I felt a little guilty for drinking so I ate pretty lean on Sunday.

Monday morning was time to get back to reality, I stepped on the scale and boom… I had gained 5.6lbs in 48 hours. I was completely deflated. I knew that I had eaten more fat that I was supposed to, and the drinking was not the best choice but 5.6lbs… that’s close to setting me back 2 weeks. Now I am running everyday and eating well, so I am hoping to return to my place of glory asap.

The final progress is I gained 1.4lbs for a total loss of 34.4lbs, boo


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