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What it costs to lose 50 lbs

One thing that blind-sided me and my family was how much losing weight costs… personally and financially. I hope that I can touch on both of these ‘costs’ for you here.

Personally, you have to give up a lot to lose weight. I know that this is obvious but let me spell it out for you. You have to stop eating 95% of the foods you like. Continue reading


Vanilla Greek Yogurt, sugar-free recipe

When I was checking out the yogurts at the supermarket, all the vanilla flavored brand-names where loaded with sugar. So I experimented and came up with this recipe. If the vanilla beans are two expensive at the grocery store, think about buying them off for a fraction of the price, its a good investment.


  • 2 lbs fat-free plain yogurt unsweetened
  • 2/3 cup baking slpenda
  • 1 vanilla bean – optional, but recommended
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Place the the yogurt, splenda, and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl. Slice the vanilla bean lengthwise, with the broad side of your knife, scrape the seeds into a pile, place those seeds in the bowl with the rest of your ingredients. Mix well, ensure the seeds don’t have too many clumps. A good mixing will smoothen the yogurt.


For a single serving solution, try 1/8 tsp vanilla extract plus 2 tsp (1-1/2 – 2 packets) splenda into 6-8 oz cup of o% fat, unsweetened, plain greek yogurt, mix and its yummy!

My Progress So Far – The end of week 19

The past two weeks have been very rewarding, I have lost an additional 6lbs for a total of 52 lbs even.


If anyone out there in cyberspace is reading this I have lost 52 lbs in 127 days! Continue reading

Veal Stuffed Peppers – Recipe

This is a great warm meal for a cold “veggie day”, and non-dieters will appreciate this meal too! One of the biggest challenges I face is not only cooking ‘diet food’ for me, but rather cooking something that my family will eat and just happens to be healthy for me. I am not a big fan of cooking multiple dinners, and few things are quite as rewarding as cooking a ‘diet meal’ that others just fall in love with. I love hearing my wife say “I can’t believe that this is good for you.”

Continue reading