What it costs to lose 50 lbs

One thing that blind-sided me and my family was how much losing weight costs… personally and financially. I hope that I can touch on both of these ‘costs’ for you here.

Personally, you have to give up a lot to lose weight. I know that this is obvious but let me spell it out for you. You have to stop eating 95% of the foods you like. It is astonishing how drastically my eating habits have changed. Until you are consciously monitoring every morsel that enters your body, you don’t really realize how much crap you consume. I mean not only the quality of the crap you ingest, but also the frequency. I still have moment where I think “I am bored, I’d like to put something in my mouth, hmmm how about a snack, I’d love some chips…, or candy…,” or you name it. I never think “I’d really love some broccoli  to snack on right now” My father used to tell me that they put all the ‘real food’ around the outside of supermarkets. This was concept that I did not fully grasp until starting this diet. When shopping for myself i’d hit the produce, dairy and butchers sections and be ready to leave. I still look down all the aisles in awe of the sugary, sticky crap that fills the aisles… more than half of the food in the supermarket is terrible for you. I will step off my high-horse now.

Drinking has to go from your daily routine, which is most difficult to your social circles. I’d had to pass on numerous ‘happy hours’ of networking with my new colleagues. But I have already written at length about the perils of avoiding the social lubricants.

Financially, losing 50lbs is quite expensive. I have bought so much meat, eggs and yogurt over the past few months. Sometimes I have surprised myself when grocery shopping, I would look down at my carriage and thought “there is no way I am going to eat all this meat in one week.” By the end of those very same weeks I’d be running out to the supermarket for a ‘meat run.’ In the beggining of my diet I had thrown out a lot of spoiled meat. I would forget that most meat can’t last a week in the fridge, after a month or so I got in the habit of vacuum sealing and freezing.

All-in-all I averaged about $50/week addition to our grocery bill (my avg bill went from $230 to $280 per week from a family of 4). Since it took me about 18 weeks to lose 50lbs, I’ll estimate this cost at $900. The only upside to this is; since I am on a pretty restrictive diet, I definitively don’t eat at restaurants as much.

I also don’t fit in any of my old clothes. The weight loss is so drastic I had to even buy new underwear & Tshirts. I had found some old clothes in boxes, and I only bought a few articles of clothes (I have more weight to lose). I spent around $500.

I had to buy some exercise gear $150.

I saved about $100 by not drinking.

This brings my total to a conservative estimate of $1450. This number will certainly go up when I start maintaining my weight and have to buy a new wardrobe(s), over the next few seasons. I will say that it has been well worth the effort and cost. There are so many benefits to losing this much weight, most of which you don’t appreciate unit you experience them. A few of these perks are: more energy, I am generally happier, feeling and looking younger, confidence, and more sex 😉


4 responses to “What it costs to lose 50 lbs

  1. Love the article. I will gladly post a do follow trackback if this comment is approved. Also – feel free to use our hcg diet recipes on your site.

  2. I’m excellent at financial planning, and giving advice about weather to buy certain items or cut back. how can i start a website giving out this advice?.

    • It is very easy to start a wordpress site. The big hurdle to your goal will be getting people to interact with you and send in questions. For more in-depth info on blogging check out WordCamp http://2011.boston.wordcamp.org/ or feel free to email me and I will try to help you with my limited knowledge. (larrythedood@gmail.com)

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