My Progress So Far – The end of week 25

Over the past 2 weeks I have gained 1.2lbs. Ordinarily I’d be pretty upset about regressing, however I know exactly how and why I gained the weight. Additionally I have had the largest boon to my confidence and progress to date.

I usually track my weight on an almost daily basis. For the past two weeks my weight steadily declined at a rate of about 1-2 lbs per week until this past weekend. My best friend from childhood called me up and asked if I’d hike Mt. Washington with him. We decided that we’d have a guys-only manly retreat, no wives, no kids. I knew that climbing the largest mountain in the northeast US in late October would be no small deal, so I had tough decision to make. I could really use this weekend get-away. My wife obliged, and Rob and I headed into the White Mountains. I knew that there was no way that I could safely climb this mountain without having carbs, I didn’t really want to cheat on my diet but at the same time I didn’t want to stop living my life. I have been strictly adhering to this restrictive diet for 25 weeks, I did not want to give everything that made me… me, forever.  I knew that in order to give my body the energy required to hike for 8-10 hours into snow and ice while keeping warm in below freezing temperatures I needed to break from my strict diet. After all, I would burn more calories through exercise than I could possibly eat right?… Wrong!

I had eggs with toast and hash browns for breakfast, a few energy bars for snacks, a grinder for lunch and nachos with good beers for dinner. All-in-all, I was thoroughly disappointed with my food choices. When I lusted after carbs while being prolongledly deprived of them, I thought they would taste better and be more rewarding. There were some high points, but overall after my second bite my mind asked myself “what are you doing?, this isn’t nearly as good as I remember.” When I returned home and stepped on the scale I was elated to learn that I only gained 4 lbs.

Without a doubt, this trip was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. I don’t regret my choices for a second. I wish that I could explain better, with more detail, how gorgeous the mountain views were. I would love to tell you what it is like to hike from 50 degrees into a windchill of 10 degrees of near blizzard conditions, but this is a blog about weight-loss after-all. All I can really say is that this was an amazing experience and as long as I stiffen my resolve and return to my strict dieting/exercising ways, the trip was well worth the 4lbs. I am sure that I will take that weight off with little effort, I have just added more time.

Last time I wrote about thinning my wardrobe,  I also bought some new clothes. For the past two weeks I have been wearing my new clothes and everyone is noticing a drastic difference in my appearance. I never thought some new threads could make such an impact. I actually bought my new jeans and sweaters because the older, larger clothes where not as comfortable. Immediately after wearing my new outfits, I left everyone who I saw just about speechless, even those who I saw a few days earlier. I kept getting comments like “you look really great” and “you really don’t need to lose anymore weight.” This has been such a boost to my confidence, I feel like I am just starting to feel ‘not fat,’ and it is a great feeling!


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