My Progress So Far – The End of week 27

Over the past two weeks I have lost another 5.8lbs for a total of 63.6lbs. I must say that last week was pretty tough. I was feeling pretty good coming back from Mount Washington but the following days were the hardest that I have encountered in months. This is probably because I took a hiatus from my diet, ate quite a few carbs and drank delicious beer. I had forgotten that when you switch to a strict protein-only diet your whole body revolts. I was sore (from my hike), tired and became pretty bitchy. After a day or so of just all-around misery I finally remembered that I had felt like this before. I remembered when I first started this diet I had felt quite similar, and following my first burst of veggie days, when I returned to protein-only I felt crappy as well, but not quite to the extent as the previous cycle.

A few days following my trip my legs slowly began to stop throbbing and my mood subsided. My buddy Kurt asked me go out to lunch with him, and we were walking down the streets of Cambridge when I recognized a guy that we both worked with about a year ago. I shouted out to him and he turned, briefly looked at me, and turned back. I yelled again “hey John,” he looked around, as if he where lost, and continued on his way. I was rather peeved at this point so I walked closer to him and called him by his first and last name. He stopped dead in his tracks and really started to look around, he finally saw Kurt and said ‘Hi.’ He turned to me and said ‘Oh my god… Larry… I didn’t even recognize you… you look great.’ While this should probably have been a rather insignificant event, it really hit me. I was literally not recognized but I guy I had spent everyday with for two years.  It made me feel good, like all my dedication, hard work, and persistence actually made a difference.

Another rather interesting event took place over the past two weeks. A few days ago one of my colleagues at my current job came up to me and said “I found your Blog.” Until this point I had gone to great lengths to try to keep this thing close to my chest. I guess I felt that if I was anonymous I had more of a license to be honest. I will keep being honest, and to those who know me and are still reading this… well… Thanks! What the hell, tell your friends, I love seeing that people are reading this.

As always, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment.


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