Fecal Matters

You probably don’t want to read this. This blog entry is going to be about poop, and lets face it, it’s a crappy topic.

One of the surprises that I encountered when I started this diet was how little I pooped. The shear fecal mass decreased by almost 70% immediately. If you think about it it kinda makes sense. Dieting in its essence, is depriving your body of energy. When your body gets less energy out of the food you eat, naturally it will try to extract more out the food you do eat.

About a month or two into my diet I got my second dung related surprise. It came in the form of violent diarrhea. One day while I was at work, completely out the blue, my stomach began to cramp. I felt a warm flash and then I ran. I ran as fast as I could and narrowly escaped humiliation. Outside of one rather miserable flu experience, I had never experienced anything quite like this. I am sure that you don’t want me to elaborate. That day I made frequent pilgrimages, and ended the day sore. The odd thing is, this depressing fate continued for days. After a while I became really concerned, I began to wonder if I had been poisoned or picked up a nasty parasite. Four or five days into this, it ceased, and I didn’t have a movement for a couple days.

I am a man who likes to have a schedule for certain aspects of my life. Defecating is one of these events. For the better part of my life, coffee was all I needed to keep me ‘regular.’ I don’t really control a whole lot in my life, but dropping a deuce on my own terms gives me some bizarre satisfaction. This is exactly why experiencing constipation for the first time drove me nuts. A few months ago I ran out of oat bran, I had eaten oat bran on a daily basis religiously, as directed. I figured what the heck, I can skip a few days until I go grocery shopping again. To my surprise the very day I stopped eating oat bran, I stopped pooping. After two days of no action I began drinking a lot of coffee. I got the cramps but the drain was still clogged. This continued for 4-5 days, I actually had to start eating oat bran again to regulate my bowels. I have noticed that the bran seems to help more when you string together a few protein-only days. If I were to skip on a day when I eat a lot of vegetables there is minimal effect.

I have had a few bouts of multi-day diarrhea. I noticed that they almost always happen when I am on back-to-back protein days. I don’t really understand this, and I am not sure of it’s even related. I am pretty apprehensive to take any drugs (like Imodium) because I am afraid of over-compensating and ending up constipated again. My wife asked me ‘why would I put yourself through this, is it really worth it?’, to be perfectly honest there are times that I can’t answer that question. When all is said and done, I am stubborn, I want to beat this thing. I want to show the world (and myself) that I can see this through to the end, I want to reach my goal.



4 responses to “Fecal Matters

  1. Hilary in Scotland

    Hello, I was quite comforted by this post from you as I am struggling with days of “tummy problems”. Since starting this dukan diet I have had great weight loss but also gone from constipation to running to the loo in a duplicating cycle. I have just had a bad night of going to the loo and am wondering if it really is worth this. Before i did this diet, raw veg set off my tummy but on the Attack phase it still happened so I thought it could be the oatbran. I also don’t particularly like yoghurt but am successfully taking it for breakfast.
    Can you let me know if you found a solution to your problem? Did it dissipate at all as you progressed?

    • Hi Hilary, sadly I have not found a solution yet. I have noticed the ‘runs’ tend to happen more frequently when I have a few protien days in a row, or following a big salad. I usually will only have diarrhea for a day or two at a time, on occasion I have taken pepto-bismol or immodium. If you string a few protein days together make sure that you take a multi-vitamin (you don’t want to give yourself protein poisoning).
      There were a few times when I also questioned why I was doing this to myself, it can be painful. At times I wondered if this diet worked by painfully pooping the weight off, I personally persevered by viewing this complication as a challenge. I figured anything that seemed easy at first must have hidden challenges. In a twisted way, I figured that the diarrhea was a test of my will power.
      Sadly I will occasionally still have this problem, but it passes.

      • Thank you. I am taking a couple of days out for my birthday & will see if my tummy settles. I have also started a food / bowel diary to see if I can identify the cause. I like the diet and am sad this has happened. I also wondered if I was pooping the weight away ! Thank you for your reply. Best wishes. H

  2. I’m only on day 3 of my attack phase and have only left my house once today for the grocery store and I even had to take a bathroom break there. I was also wondering if the reason why you lose weight was because your constantly on the toilet??

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