My Progress In Graphs, 187 days of diet data

Yes I am a geeky scientist. I have been tracking my progress in excel for the past 187 days (man, doesn’t that sounds like a long time). 

A couple of interesting things to note:

  • The slope of the line equals my average daily weight-loss, 0.32 lbs a day!
  • If I can continue to lose weight at this rate, I should reach my goal (83.4lbs) sometime around new years.




4 responses to “My Progress In Graphs, 187 days of diet data

  1. Larry,

    What would you say your average weekly weight loss has been?


  2. Is about 2.24lbs accurate based on your average daily loss?

    Which is great by my reckoning!

    Have you reached consolidation yet and are you finding this easy to maintain your weighloss?

    Layla (again!)

  3. Nope dont worry i see you dont get there until New Year!

    LOL I find caffiene makes me trippy since starting this diet and makes me rush things! LOL

    I apologise!

    Good luck, I hope I do as well as you!

    • Hi Layla, thanks for the comments, sorry it took me a while to reply but I was traveling for Thanksgiving and didn’t get near a computer for a few days. When I started this diet I averaged 3-4lbs lbs per week and lately I averaged between 2-3lbs per week (depending on how strict I am and how much I exercise). Good luck, and I love getting your comments. – Larry

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