My Progress in Pictures

Lately I have been getting a lot of comments about how drastically my appearance has changed since I started this diet. I decided to share a few photos of my progress along the way. These pics weren’t intended to be for this blog, but I think they show a nice progression.

4/19/2011; 2 weeks before I started dieting.

8/20/2011; 3.5 months dieting; 45lbs lost

11/16/11; 6.5 months of dieting; 69lbs lost


7 responses to “My Progress in Pictures

  1. Hi, A big round of applause for the Amazing writing on losing weight on your website. I have let my friends about it and I will be back soon to see more.

    Many thanks,

  2. You look amazing! How long did you do the first phase?

  3. And what excercises were you doing – on a weekly basis. 🙂

    • On a weekly basis I jogged 1 or 2 times a week, I also tried to go hiking about once a week. When I jogged, I would jog for 1/2 hour to 1+ hours as I got in better shape.

  4. Hi, I started the Dukan diet after another I followed for 2 months. The forst diet worked great for the first month, but I stopped loosing weight into my third month. The dukan is not really delivering the expected: after 2 weeks I lost very little weight. Did you ever encouter such static phases? And if yes, how did you get out of them?
    thanks for your blog and your reply

    • Sorry it took a while to reply to your question. I have encountered many “plateaus,” some for as long as 3-4 weeks. I found that there were two things I could do to snap out of one of these cycles. (1) Take a hard look at my eating habits. Many times I slowly (and unknowingly) drifted away from the principles in the diet. To snap out of these cycles I’d revert back to a mini attack phase. (2) Increase exercise. As time goes on your body adapts to starvation by slowing your metabolism. A great way to boost your metabolism and your weight-loss is to vigorously exercise. I found that exercising once every 7-10 days was the minimum my body needed to keep my metabolism up. Understand that the following days after a vigorous exercise session means that your hunger will increase dramatically as you metabolism increases. Plan for this by having extra food and healthy snacks around. Good luck and thanks for your question/comments.

      One more comment, your weight-loss will continue to slow the longer you diet. When I started I lost weight at about 1 lb per week by the end of my dieting I was losing about 1/4 lb per week. It was pretty hard to stay motivated when I only lost about 1 lb per month.

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