My Progress So Far – The end of week 33

The past 6 weeks have been rather eventful. They have spanned Thanksgiving and the pre-Christmas/holiday season. Having two kids and so many holiday parties have made  the past few weeks a blur. I know this is not a ‘valid’ reason to neglect my blog. If there are any of you who read this on a somewhat regular basis, and have returned for more, I just wanted to apologize for departing from my usual bi-weekly schedule.

In the past 6 weeks I have lost an additional 11 lbs, which brings my total to 74.6 lbs. I have been at this for 220 days.

I am definitely excited to be nearing the end of this diet, or atleast this phase of the diet (I’ll explain later). In the past few weeks my progress continued to slow and, at times, it can be really hard to keep going. My saving grace has actually been keeping a daily log of my weight. When I feel beaten down and I feel like I am not make any progress, I look at weight over the past few weeks and see that I am making progress, even if its modest progress.

There are other factors that have contributed to my weight-loss stalling. The weather is getting much colder as winter approaches and I have the hardest time trying to persuade myself to exercise. I haven’t run once in the past three weeks. The holidays are also usually pretty stressful, we have tons of events with family and friends. Work likes to ‘wrap-up’ projects by the years-end, which almost always means its time to work harder. Last of all I am really feeling the financial squeeze that always seems to come with this season. I have been dealing with all of these factors the same way I have for years… Drinking. (this definitely affects my weight-loss) 

It started a few weeks back, I would just take a sip of wine if I was cooking a dish where it was an ingredient. This graduated into have a glass or two with dinner about every-other night. I am not insinuating that I have a drinking problem in the classical sense; this drinking problem is one where I know these drinks are retarding my progress. I’d rather make slow progress and stay on course than risk stressing myself out so bad that I put myself in a far more dangerous position.

Thanksgiving was a tough day to diet. In the true patriotic American fashion I succumbed to gluttony and stuffed myself to the point of bursting. I did not stay true the recommended cuisine of turkey and steamed vegetables. I drank booze modestly, treated myself to a Guinness with dinner, and sampled very small portions of all the traditional dishes available (except dessert). 70% of my meal was turkey. I am happy to report that this did not set me back more than a pound. I was quite nervous that such a diversion from my routine would be hard to recover from, but that was not the case. I am planning on a similar strategy for Christmas dinner.

As I mentioned earlier I am planning on trying the next phase of this diet, the ‘consolidation phase.’ The purpose is to slowly adapt your body to your new weight so you don’t rebound and gain tons of weight back. I haven’t read the book in a while so I’ll have to brush-up as I approach my goal. The one thing that glares in my memory is 5 days for every pound lost, when I do the math I get depressed  5 X 84 = 420. 420 days of more diet after I reach my goal, holy sh*t. That’s over a year. Sometimes I wonder, how much of myself can I commit to this program?


One response to “My Progress So Far – The end of week 33

  1. As you go through a diet, you begin to lose less and less. The first few weeks are the “easiest” to lose weight — if you can call it that. Keep up your spirit and good luck with your progress. Also, because I’m a book worm, I’ve discovered if I read then I can walk on the treadmill for a very long time! Might work for you during the cold months. Two birds with one stone. Lol

    I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and I’ve seen many dietitians and specialists over the years. I’ve posted an article with what I do to stay thin on “Why so many diets fail; how you can make yours work”. I hope you find it practical! Here’s the link:

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