My Progress So Far – The end of week 37

Over the past two weeks I have lost 7.7lbs for a grand total of 77.5lbs. I wish I could sit here and tell you that following my last post, I doubled my efforts, and with my new found conviction it all payed off, but that would be a lie. The truth is that over the past few days I became pretty sick with a stomach bug , I couldn’t really eat and when I tried… lets just say it went right through me.  Overall it was a pretty horrible experience. The only silver lining is that I shed close to 5lbs in 4 days.

It was remarkably hard to stay on my diet through this experience. Most people will tell you that when you sick with a stomach bug, you should stick to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples, and/or Toast). However all of these foods are forbidden, and you shouldn’t really eat nothing when you are violently ill. After 24 hours of a diet consisting of chicken broth I was completely drained of energy. I started to fear that I was not giving my body the necessary energy to heal. I did some internet research and found that chicken breast and yogurt were decent foods to eat when one has diarrhea. In particular, the probiotics common in yogurt help combat the ‘bugs’ that commonly cause diarrhea.

I am now within 6 lbs of my goal weight. I am so close that I can almost taste it.   Surprisingly I have mixed feeling about approaching the end of my diet. I have been doing this diet for 248 days, I am very comfortable in this rhythm.  Soon I am going to have to change course and find a new normal. I have poured a lot of energy and focus in to working towards this goal, once I have reached it, I may have a void in my life. With that being said the idea of eating even one slice of pizza makes me giddy… I can’t wait!

I have also really enjoyed my first blogging experience. I plan on reaching my goal weight within a month, once I do I am sure my activity on this blog will decrease. To compensate for this I have launched a new blog doodinthewoods. Essentially it’s about hiking in New England. Through this experience I sought to find family-friendly, cheap exercise and rediscovered my love for hiking.

Please email me or leave a comment if anyone would like me to write about any specific topics/experiences that I may have not covered yet.


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