Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thank you!

I just noticed that I had my 10,000th view on this blog. Hooray! Thanks to everyone who has visited.

If it weren’t for those who read, commented and supported me, I probably would not have had the weight-loss success that I enjoy!




My Progress So Far – 1 year

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was pretty surprised to find that I am more-or-less the same weight as I was a month ago. For the past year I have dieted and lost 75+ lbs. I ended my diet 7-lbs short of my goal,  due to a ‘plateau.’ As recommended in the Dukan Diet book I started the ‘consolidation phase.’ This basically consists of protein + vegetable days everyday and once per week you can have a ‘celebration meal.’ I must admit the idea of a restriction-free meal is ultimately what convinced me to prematurely stop the weight-loss phase of this diet.  Continue reading