Relapse, Retool & Redux

Well it’s been awhile since I wrote my last blog post and had my victory lap. Unfortunately,  I may have celebrated a little too prematurely. Since my low weight 8 months ago, I have gained 38 lbs. Wow… as I write this and do the math, it kind-of becomes more real.

For some reason, I felt that once I lost my weight (and achieved my goal) I was finished. I half-heartedly tried the “consolidation phase” to stabilize my weight-loss, but accepted modest weight-gain. Over time that slow bleed of weight-gain turned into 38 lbs [ouch, still hurts to see it]. My habits eventually became just as bad as before I started this project and now its time for diet v2.0.

For a while my identity became ‘that guy who lost 80 lbs’, but as I gained weight back,  I felt that identity slip away. As this happened I became afraid to step back on the scale, then I stopped checking all together. Eventually I blew out a pair of jeans and had to go buy a new larger pair. I was faced with a decision; either lose weight or re-buy the fat-clothes that I got rid of a few months ago.

This year’s ‘new years resolution’ will be to undo some of the damage I’ve inflicted on myself. I’ll shoot to lose 30 lbs.

I’ll be in touch…


5 responses to “Relapse, Retool & Redux

  1. Hey! How’s the diet going?
    I did the Dukan last year and lost a stone, but by the time I got to Consolidation stage, I celebrated my weight loss by pigging out and eating tons…and never stopped. Lol. So the stone quickly returned!
    Prior to this I’d lost 3stone in a year through 1200cals a day and 5-6hours a week at the gym/exercise classes, but my weight loss had stagnated and my fitness instructor suggested the Dukan, which was all well and good until I completely fudged up by scoffing after the stone weight loss!

    Anyway! I started again 3 weeks ago, I’m 10lb down (weight seems to be coming off slower this time, not too sure why). Just another 4lb to rid of the stone I regained, then a last stone to lose to get to my target weight!

    Wishing you all the best, I’m sure you’ll breeze through it and the 30lbs will be gone before you know it 🙂 x

  2. Hi there, I started the Dukan 9 days ago, with a goal to lose 20 – 25 lbs. I did 6 days of Attack and am now on Cruise. I lost 7 lbs in my first 7 days, which was encouraging. I am now on Day 3 of Cruise and the scale was up this morning, which I hear can be normal. This diet sure is testing my will power!! I love sweet – and crunchy snacks. But so far I have stuck to it. It’s not easy with little kids and working at an office where there are still Christmas treats around and lots of goodies coming in here all the time.
    I just want my clothes to fit my properly again, so this motivation will carry me through….I hope!! Good luck to you, great blog, I really enjoyed it!

  3. How is it going?

  4. Have not seen any blogs from you, have you lost the weight you gained yet?

  5. Give us an update – did you loose what you had gained?

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