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My progress so far – attack phase

If you are not familiar with the Dukan Diet (C) you should visit this site http://www.dukandiet.com/, but I’ll give you a quick synopsis. There are 4 stages, 2 stages to lose weight and 2 to retrain your body and sustain weight-loss.

The first stage, (attack phase) 2-10 days of lean protein + oatbran, no other carbs, no fat

The second stage (cruise phase) is alternating various days of protein only, and protein + certain vegetables. This phase lasts until you reach your target weight.

The third phase (consolidation phase), you slowly reintroduce other foods into your routine

The fourth phase (stablization) is your long term plan

I did the ‘attack phase’ for 9 days, I was shooting for 10 but on the 10th day I had an all day job interview and I didn’t want to seem too weird during lunch. I ordered a chicken cesar salad and a diet coke. It was so hard not to eat the cheese and croutons, but I am committed. Anyway, that was the end of my attack phase. That day I also realized that vegetables are delicious! After 9 days of chicken, egg whites and lean beef; lettuce was a welcomed change, and salsa was pure heaven, but thats another story, I’ll get back to the attack phase. Most days I would start out with 4 egg whites and hot sauce, lots of hot sauce, on occasion I add turkey sausage, lean ham, or leftover steak into the scramble.

I usually eat mid morning oatbran galette,  and for lunch I’d eat grilled chicken breasts, cold cuts, or 93% lean hamburgers (I’ll put up recipes soon)

For dinnner I’d usually have more chicken, lean steak or fish.

I quickly realized that chicken actually has a very distinct taste, I never noticed it before but when you eat lots of egg whites and chicken breast you start to notice an almost gamey flavor that I have never knew existed. I actually went through a period where I had a hard time eating any chicken product, I would almost gag at the smell. My wife didn’t notice the taste or smell. I found this peculiar because I always loved chicken, any how I introduced more variety to my diet and seasoned the meat more and I enjoy chicken all the time now. Just a warning, don’t try to survive on chicken and eggs for a long period of time.

During my protein days I noticed that towards the end of the afternoon I am really tired and irritable. About 5 days in to the attack I started a multi-vitamin within an hour I felt really good, almost ‘pharmaceutically enhanced’ good. I started to wonder what was in these vitamins. The next day I was looking forward to taking my vitamin, (weird, I never thought I’d say that) and I got the same effect. Now vitamins would be part of my routine, but the effect wore off after a few more days, and yes, I still take the vitamins.

The 9 day attack phase gave me a net loss of 9.2 lbs