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My Progress So Far – the end of week 12

This week I am down 2.8 lbs for a total of 35.8 lbs. The wild thing about this number is: my 3 year old daughter weighs 35.5lbs. I get so tired carrying her around for 10 minutes, but 3 months ago I was walking around with that extra weight all the time. This thought kind of blows my mind and puts my progress into perspective.

I spent this weekend bouncing from barbecue to picnic. I don’t mind these events as much any more, largely because my eating and drinking situations is common knowledge by now and most people try to accommodate. My wife is really starting to wish that she could join me in my diet adventure. She has observed my success and would like to join in. At first, she was really intimidated by the restrictions, but lately she has joined in from meal to meal, and has enjoyed the low-carb, low fat meals that I have been preparing. It will be a while before she takes the plunge because she is still breastfeeding our son and doesn’t want to compromise his nutrition.

While we were having the aforementioned conversation we decided to plug our weights into the Dukandiet.com to find our recommended weights, surprisingly she didn’t have as much to lose as she thought she would, but the website suggested that I lose an additional 10lbs to my goal. I told my wife the same thing that I wrote in this blog a few months ago I want to initially finish by meeting my primary goal, then I will reassess and determine if I should continue. We’ll see.

Tomorrow is my birthday and for the first time in 30 years I won’t be having cake. I don’t particularly love cake, but its tradition and I feel somewhat sad at the thought that this year will slip by. My supportive wife is however, baking me an oat-bran based brownie (sounds yummy). She found the recipe on another dukaner’s website. If it turns out good I’ll convince her to share the recipe, along with the credit to the original author. Fingers crossed!!!