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Crusted Drumsticks – Recipe


Eating these drums felt so guilty, but alas they were diet friendly! These are a great meal to serve to non-dieters, also a great family friendly meal!

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Relapse, Retool & Redux

Well it’s been awhile since I wrote my last blog post and had my victory lap. Unfortunately,  I may have celebrated a little too prematurely. Since my low weight 8 months ago, I have gained 38 lbs. Wow… as I write this and do the math, it kind-of becomes more real. Continue reading

Personal Sized Meat Loaves – recipe

Larrythedood's Dukan Meatloaf with Brown Sauce

There are few comfort foods that are quite as good as meatloaf. I have listed two versions of these meatloaves, depending on your sauce  preference.

This recipe was inspired by Ina Garten’s individual meatloaves.


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My Progress So Far – The end of week 49 and the beginning of “Consolidation Phase”

Celebrating my Wife’s birthday this past weekend had a lot to do with my decision to end the weight-loss portion of this diet. I had been consciously trying to lose weight for 3 weeks short of one year. During that time I have lost 76 lbs (83lbs at my one-time low). Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks – Products I Like

I stumbled across these Roasted Seaweed Snacks while shopping at Trader Joe’s. These ‘chips’ are a great substitute for those salty, crunchy cravings that we usually associate with potato chips. There isn’t a whole lot of substance here so don’t expect them to fill you up.

Coffee Flavored Greek Yogurt – Recipe


  • 2lbs Plain, 0%-Fat, Greek Yogurt
  • 2/3 Cup Baking Splenda
  • 2 Tbsp Instant Espresso

Mix well and enjoy!

10 Tips for Maximizing Success on the Dukan Diet

Over the past 8+ months I have lost over 75lbs on the Dukan Diet. Along with my success, I have had some setbacks. I decided to put together this top 10 list to help anyone who may be struggling with their diet or starting their diet. If I had an eleventh tip it would be to read the book, because there is a lot of background knowledge and usable advise in there.

10) Commit – Nothing can sabotage your diet quicker than attempting a very restrictive diet half-heartedly. Without commitment you are likely to cheat at your first real temptation. Will-power is like a mental muscle, and success will get easier each time you exercise it.

9) Set small achievable goals – Setting a goal like ‘losing 50lbs’ or ‘looking good naked’ can be an aggressive, daunting goal. The further away you feel from your goal, the more discouraged you can get. Instead, try breaking your larger goal into smaller pieces, like ‘lose 5lbs in 3 weeks’ or ‘exercise 3 times a week for 3 weeks.’ Success breeds motivation, and when you achieve your small goals don’t forget to… Continue reading