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Exercising on the Dukan Diet

So in the Dukan Diet book, the doctor emphasizes the need to walk 20 minutes a day.  He says however, you should not participate in sports or hardcore exercising because your body is already working hard to burn your fat reserves. I didn’t exercise until a week or two into this diet. This was mostly because I was so drained. Everyday from 3pm and on my body was exhausted and my mind seemed fried. I actually felt ‘dumb’. I attributed this to my body adjusting to losing weight instead of having a surplus of calories. Once I exited the attack phase and added some vegetables to my diet I started to feel better.

I am not an avid jogger, but from time to time I try to regularly work it into my schedule. This is mostly because I am too cheap to join a gym. So one day I decided that I was going start jogging again. I thought that since I hadn’t done any exercise in the past six months that I was going to suck wind. But to my surprise it was pretty easy, on my first time out I ran 1.8 miles! I could really feel a difference since I lost the 10lbs. That night I probably doubled my water intake, and then I was up every 2 hours through the night to pee. The next morning I was sore and I didn’t lose much weight 0.2lbs, boo.

I was determined to keep exercising, mostly because as I lose weight I’d like a somewhat athletic build. I waited until my muscles recouped (about 3 days) and ran again, this time I made it 2.5 miles (the longest I’d run in 4  years). I also added push ups and sit-ups to the routine. And just like before more drinking, peeing, no substantial weight loss.

I went back and looked at my weight loss logs and found for the period of time following my exercise (the next two days) my weight loss was higher than normal. I now go jogging about twice a week, and I try to avoid it on my protein days because I am usually more tired on those days anyway. If I just cared about strict weight loss I would definitely chose a lower impact method and increase the frequency.