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My troubled love affair with food

For as long as I remember, I have loved food. I love eating really good food, I love experimenting in the kitchen and whipping up a great meal , and I love watching TV chefs prepare exceptional meals. My wife and I share this infatuation,  to the point where the highlights of our vacations can be finding a really good restaurant or trying a new exotic dish.

I can’t help but feel that this part of my life is stressed and neglected since I started this diet. I also realize that my unhealthy obsession with all-things-related-to-food is undoubtedly what landed me in this situation to begin with.  Now that I am exhibiting self control, I realize how much food took over my life. I sometimes find myself daydreaming about lunch at 10am, then I snap-to and remember that all I can eat for lunch is coldcuts (which disappoints me).

I used to love watching the food network and almost salivate at the fat drenched, beautiful meals that Ina Garten prepared. Now if I walk into a room where my wife is watching the TV chefs at work, I quickly walk out and spare myself the jealousy. I really think that those cooking shows are the equivalent to ‘Food Porn’.

This week I have felt that my cooking has been grossly uninspired. I just cant muster the effort to attempt complicated dishes that will most likely be disappointing, due to the restriction of ingredients. This morning I prepared egg-whites and on a whim I decided to try to add a low-carb dill sauce that I found at the supermarket. It was disgusting, I sat at the breakfast table defeated. For the first time in a long time, I hung my head and ate the whole meal, I ate it because I needed to eat breakfast and didn’t want to cook again. I ate it because it was food. I am not saying that all my meals are bad, but some are really bad and disappointing.