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Personal Sized Meat Loaves – recipe

Larrythedood's Dukan Meatloaf with Brown Sauce

There are few comfort foods that are quite as good as meatloaf. I have listed two versions of these meatloaves, depending on your sauce  preference.

This recipe was inspired by Ina Garten’s individual meatloaves.


Ingredients Continue reading


My Progress in Pictures

Lately I have been getting a lot of comments about how drastically my appearance has changed since I started this diet. I decided to share a few photos of my progress along the way. These pics weren’t intended to be for this blog, but I think they show a nice progression. Continue reading

My Progress So Far – The End of week 27

Over the past two weeks I have lost another 5.8lbs for a total of 63.6lbs. I must say that last week was pretty tough. I was feeling pretty good coming back from Mount Washington but the following days were the hardest that I have encountered in months. This is probably because I took a hiatus from my diet, ate quite a few carbs and drank delicious beer. I had forgotten that when you switch to a strict protein-only diet your whole body revolts. I was sore (from my hike), tired and became pretty bitchy. After a day or so of just all-around misery I finally remembered that I had felt like this before. I remembered when I first started this diet I had felt quite similar, and following my first burst of veggie days, when I returned to protein-only I felt crappy as well, but not quite to the extent as the previous cycle. Continue reading

What it costs to lose 50 lbs

One thing that blind-sided me and my family was how much losing weight costs… personally and financially. I hope that I can touch on both of these ‘costs’ for you here.

Personally, you have to give up a lot to lose weight. I know that this is obvious but let me spell it out for you. You have to stop eating 95% of the foods you like. Continue reading