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My Progress So Far – The end of week 23

For the past month or so I feel as my progress has slowed to a crawl. I understand that as you lose weight, you have less weight to lose, therefore you progress will inevitably slow. But this is really getting hard to stay motivated. Some of the slowing down I can attribute to myself, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to have having a few party nights as I crossed the 53.4lb threshold that I set when I started this ‘project.’

Since I last checked in (about a month ago) I have lost 7.2lbs which makes it a total of 59.2lbs lost. I cannot believe that I have lost almost 60lbs, I cannot believe that I had 60lbs to lose, but that is another story. To be perfectly honest I started this diet on a whim, expecting to fail. The fact that I met (and now exceeded) my goal feels pretty good.  Continue reading